Andrea’s View:  I am pretty familiar with the (chirp) world map, and I am fairly certain that the Mediterranean Sea and the Dominican Republic are (chirp) nowhere near each other.  But they do live side by side at (chirp) Panorama Grill on Pennsylvania Avenue downtown.  It’s sort of easy to find, kind (chirp) of catty-corner to the central library, but you do have to park on the street, so bring change.  (chirp)

The restaurant itself is charming as well as the (chirp) server who greeted us.  My eyes went directly to (chirp) the stewed goat.  I couldn’t (chirp) decide between the fried plantains (chirp) and the rice and pigeon peas, so I (chirp) asked the server which one she would choose. (chirp) She told me that with the goat meat, that the rice (chirp) and peas would be best.  Dave (chirp) and I were starving, so we ordered (chirp) a Dominican finger food platter to start off (chirp) with.  The platter came with empanadas stuffed with chicken (chirp) and some kind of sesame, doughy, ball thing. (chirp)  The empanadas were outstanding, in fact, Dave and I (chirp) could have eaten a half-dozen more.  (chirp)  I am not sure if I cared (chirp) for the other appetizer.  Finally my stewed goat, not (chirp) to be confused with goat stew, (chirp) came to the table.  Yeah! The meat was very tender and fall off the bone good.  (chirp)  It was somewhat spicy and the rice and pigeon (chirp) peas did go well with the dish.  Overall (chirp) it was a delightful meal.  The very attentive and kind (chirp) server asked if we wanted desert, and I (chirp) almost ordered the bread pudding, but I was pretty (chirp) full by then.  Maybe next time. (chirp)

My only complaint about the (chirp) restaurant was the low battery in the fire (chirp) alarm/exit sign.  It kept going off (chirp) the entire time we were there.  No one (chirp) in the restaurant seemed to notice (chirp) it, but Dave and I.  Kind of annoying, isn’t (chirp) it.  Guess it’s just part of that ambience (chirp) thing that Dave always rates.  (chirp)

Dave’s view:  Andrea and I were hungry for Mediterranean/Dominican food, so we decided to try Panorama Grill on North Penn in Indianapolis.  Getting to the restaurant is easy, finding a parking space when you accidentally drive by it, is kind of difficult.  I would recommend to bring some change for the parking meters.  There is a pizzeria next door with parking in the back with the “Only pizzeria people can park here” signs every two feet, but I wouldn’t take the chance.  The day we went was cold and blustery so going into a nice and inviting/toasty restaurant was fantastic.  The restaurant has simple decorations, chirp,  with brown overtones with a small no thrills bar towards the back of the place.  We take a table, chirp, and sit down.

Our server, quite shy, but extremely polite , chirp, takes our order.  We ordered the Dominican Finger Food appetizer and I, chirp, ordered the Chicken Tawook Sandwich.

Okay, wait a minute, what is that chirping sound?  Chirp.  There it is again.  It’s driving me “nuts”.  It’s the same sound your smoke detector at home makes when the battery is low, chirp.   I look around, chirp, oh, that one was at the back of the restaurant, what is going on?  I don’t see any smoke detectors, but then I realize, it’s not the smoke detectors, it’s the exit signs.  Their back-up batteries for their exit signs are low.  If there was a fire and it destroyed the electrical wires, the batteries would kick in so you could find your way out of the building by finding the lovely green glowing light that says “exit”.  Now for the ambiance of the place, with the constant chirping, it kind of makes you insane.  It’s like someone constantly poking you until you slugged them in the face.  Annoying just like when Andrea and I go on a food adventure.

For the food, the appetizer, Dominican Finger Food, with the chicken empanadas and arepitas, the food was calming.  Chirp.  The empanadas, chicken inside a doughy pocket, were extremely well made, but were they authentic?  I don’t think they were made from scratch because they were too perfect.  Chirp.  Now, I could be totally wrong on this, but they just seemed too commercial for me.   Crimped too perfect and extremely flavorful.  They were excellent mind you, but lacked any “love”.  The arepitas, a cornmeal based concoction, wasn’t horrible, but didn’t have any distinct taste to them.  So now we come to the Chicken Tawook Sandwich.  Kind of like a Greek Gyro, but with a Dominican flair.  It has chicken marinated, chirp,  in some type of spices, I can’t figure out, with very little onions, peppers, lemon juice, and a whole lot of yogurt.  When I mean a lot of yogurt, I’m talking about way too much yogurt that it overtakes the sandwich.  To put it quite frankly, it was like eating a yogurt sandwich.  I could feel the chicken in my mouth, but the yogurt was overwhelming.  Not pleasant, chirp, and coupled that with the constant chirping inside the restaurant, could make me go insane while foaming at the mouth from way too much yogurt.

Service:  8  Food:  6  Ambiance:  7 (I subtracted one for the chirping.)  Total:  21 out of 30

$30-$40 with adult, chirp, beverages.

Note:  It was kind of odd, but when I heard the “low” batteries sound, my battery went out of my camera.  Strange sucking of batteries, I should say.

Note #2:  Dave and I don’t read each other’s posts until we have written our own.  Dave wrote his first and I read his after I wrote mine.  I immediately broke out into giggle fits when I read what he had written.  I have to credit James Joyce for my idea of the inserted (chirping), I don’t know where Dave got his idea from.  After 16 years of marriage, I suppose you do start to think alike.
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  1. Andrea’s review made me want to eat here, even though I was wondering what the chirp twist was. Dave’s sandwich made me feel sad, so I know what I’ll avoid. I hope the batteries are replaced before I go 🙂

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