No Seafood For You!


Andrea’s View:  Dave does not like sushi.  Dave has tried sushi on a handful of occasions, but he really does not like sushi.  So imagine my surprise when, completely out of nowhere, Dave suggests that we go to Ocean World for a food adventure.  I LOVE Ocean World, as it is my favorite sushi restaurant in Indianapolis.  Dave has only been here once before, I have visited with girlfriends with non sushi eating partners.   So of course I said yes, without any hesitation before he could change his mind.

We arrived for lunch on a Saturday.  Looking back, I don’t think I have ever eaten here for lunch.  The sushi was still divine, but the ambience wasn’t the same.  The service wasn’t as spot on, there were no hot towels offered for your hands, and all of the lights were turned up much too high.  With the lights lowered for dinner service, the plastic fish on the walls and the strands of blue beads suspended from the ceiling look oddly mysterious, during the day it kind of reminded me of a 1970s Red Lobster.

That being said, because I was so excited about eating sushi at my favorite sushi place, I ordered way too much sushi.  I ordered the yellow tail nigiri (fresh fish resting on a bed of rice instead of in a roll), the Indy Roll (eel, avocado, and crab), and the Florida Roll (tuna, green onion, and roe).  It was all very fresh and delicious, although I could not finish the whole thing.  That’s why they make those little to-go boxes.

I still love Ocean World.  It is still my favorite sushi joint in the city.  But may I make a small suggestion.  If you are visiting for the first time, go at dinner.  It’s more magical.

Dave’s View:  I have a guilty statement to tell you:  I ordered steak at a sushi and seafood restaurant.  Why?  Because Andrea forced me to and I am not a fan of Sushi.  She loves Sushi and one of her Sushi hot spots is Ocean World on West 86th Street in Indianapolis.  We’ve been there once before,  a long time ago and if you give them either your birthday or anniversary date, you will be given a 10% off card every year until you die.  Seriously, it was like eight years ago since we’ve been there and every year since then, we get the cards, two cards to be exact.   So Andrea gets  one in the mail the other day (AKA: The Andrea’s Anniversary Guilt Card) and here I am,  forced to go to Ocean World and watch her “pig” out on some Sushi.  They did have some seafood options, but I wasn’t in the mood for them, so I decided to have the Steak Teriyaki in a Seafood restaurant.  The fish were happy about my decision.  How was my steak in a seafood restaurant?  It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t good, it was a standard cut of sirloin steak smothered with Teriyaki sauce.  I wasn’t expecting too much and that is what I received.  It was a simple meal with simple flavors and it satisfied my hunger.

Now, I turn my attention to Andrea and I see her with her well-organized plating of Sushi.  I had Sushi in the past and the thought that was crossing my mind was, “Why didn’t you ordered some Sushi?”   Sushi bloats me up that’s why, but I would rather be bloated then eating a steak in a seafood restaurant.  So there I sat, watching Andrea eating Sushi, getting bored so I started to gaze at my surroundings.  The inside reminds of late 1970’s seafood restaurant in Florida were all the old people eat.  Kind of gaudy, laughable, but also retro cool.  Fake fish on the walls wrapped in Christmas tree lights, blue beads hanging from the ceiling, and mirrored walls to make the place look bigger than it really is.  The service is attentive, authentic, and nice, but remember this:  Don’t order steak in a seafood restaurant.

Service:  9  Food:  6  Ambiance:  9  Total:  24 out of 30

$40-$50 with adult beverages

Ocean World on Urbanspoon

Ocean World on Foodio54


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