Our Dalliance In Spanish Baseball


Dave’s View:  I always look forward to tapas.  Small portions on small plates, concentrated flavors to “wow” your taste buds.  Barcelona Tapas on Delaware Street might have the tapas you’ve been waiting for.  I stress the words, “might have” the tapas you’ve been waiting for, because not all tapas are created equal.

I look at tapas like I’m standing in a batter’s box in baseball waiting for the pitcher to throw a pitch. Just think of tapas as either a ball or strike.  You order one, it might not be that great (it’s a ball), you order another one, it was fantastic (this one you call a strike).  So here you are at the top of the ninth inning, base loaded, two outs, and you’re at the plate with the worst batting average in the league.  The first pitch thrown is:

Jamon Serrano Con Manchego

Jamon Serrano Con Manchego (ham & cheese)

Jamon Serrano Con Manchego (ham & cheese).  Right down the center for a strike.  Everything was fresh, tasty, and simple.  Great combination between the cheese and the ham!

The next pitch was the Pincho De Polio Y Chorizo (chicken & sausage skewer).

Pincho De Polio Y Chorizo

Pincho De Polio T Chorizo (Chicken & sausage skewer)

The pitch was way outside and I had to foul ball out of play.  Your mama could have thrown a better pitch because anybody with a little bit of kitchen knowledge could have made this tapas at home.  Nothing outstanding on this one.  My taste buds got bored and dulled!

The next pitch:  Albondtgas (meatballs).


Albondtgas (meatballs)

Oh, this was such a ball.  The pitcher threw this one in the dirt and I didn’t even swing at it.  Technically, he threw a meatball in the dirt.  The meatball was just a plain old meatball.  Nothing fantastic and the sauce didn’t do it any justice.  Visit your local grocery store and you’ll have better meatball, is all I can say.

The next pitch thrown:  Espinanacas Con Garbanzos (chickpeas & spinach).

Espinacas Con Grabanzos

Espinacas Con Garbanzos (Chickpeas and spinach)

It was a high fast ball thrown at my head and I had to swing.  I dropped my bat down in disgust.  I looked at the pitcher(chef) and said, “You want a piece of me? ”  He replied calmly, “No, just eat your chickpeas, dumbass.”   Well, since you put it that way, I will and I did.  Excellent flavors with simple ingredients.  Who would have known that a simple chickpea could pack a punch?

So I walk back to the dugout after striking out and the bat boy handed me this:

Andaluzian Vanilla Creme Brulee

Andaluzian Vanilla Crème Brulee

Andalvzian Vanilla Creme Brulee.  I tasted it and I said, “Thanks kid, but it’s standard, run-of-mill Crème Brulee.”

Ambiance:  8.5  Food:  8  Service:  8  Total:  24.5 out of 30

$60-$70 with adult beverages.

Note:  I was drinking beer while writing this blog(can you tell?)  and this is what the bottle cap told me:

The cap

The cap of life

I am having a beer cap epiphany?

Andrea’s View:  Okay,  I’m just going to put this out there so no one can come back and complain later.  Barcelona Tapas is a chain.  Sort of.  They have one other restaurant in Missouri  somewhere.  And from the outside, it looks like a “divey” kind of place that Dave and I would normally dine.

For those that are not familiar with tapas, tapas are small plates, like appetizers, that you share with your table mates.  The menu is actually in Spanish with English subtitles.  Dave and I ordered the jamon serrano con manchego (ham and cheese platter), pincho de pollo y chorizo (chicken and sausage kabob), espinacas con garbanzos (spinach with chick peas and cheese), and the albondigas (Spanish meatballs).  I have no way of knowing if any of these items are authentic, but they were all perfectly tasty.  The only complaint I have about my meal at Barcelona Tapas was that the dishes came out way too fast.  Dave and I barely had time to finish one plate before two more came out, and I felt a little rushed.  We did end up ordering the crème brulee for desert and that was excellent as well.  Overall it was really good…but boring.  And I think that had to do with the chain aspect of the place.  All of the servers seemed to be IUPUI students, instead of people who had actually lived or even visited Spain.  And although everything was very good, it lacked interest.  Most importantly, it lacked love.  And to all our loyal readers, you know how I value love as an ingredient in any restaurant and recipe.  And again, to all our loyal readers, I apologize for our dalliance into a chain restaurant.  It will not happen again.

Barcelona Tapas on Urbanspoon

Barcelona Tapas Indy on Foodio54


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