This Place Is For The Birds???


Dave’s View:  Imagine you’re lost in a desert and the only morsel of food you had on you was a Shawarma sandwich and some French fries.  Yes, I know you, you would pack a Shawarma sandwich for the hot desert, doesn’t everybody?  So there you are staring down at your food and you take a bite of your sandwich, followed by a bite of one of your fries.  You come to realize that this meal is really dry, like the desert you are stranded in.  So dry,  you decide to toss the meal into the sand.  You forego any moisture derided from your meal because who wants to eat something that dry in the desert.  Packing a peanut butter sandwich may have been a better choice.

Now enter the lunch I had at Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille in the Broad Ripple area.  The lovely Shawarma sandwich with fries.  So dry, the Tahini sauce couldn’t save it.  The slices of beef tenderloin inside were extremely overcooked, tough and chewy.  I could taste the parley, but the tomatoes and onions were non-existent.  The dryness doesn’t end there though.  The French fries were overcooked and lack any seasoning.  Overall, one of the most disappointing meals I’ve had.

Andrea and I sat on the patio and it’s a fairly nice place to people watch and to grab a nice cold beer, but beyond that, I would stay away from the food for now. The highlight of the afternoon had nothing to do with the restaurant,  it was a bird.  One little bird came up to our table to say “Hi”.  Maybe he was saying that:   “This place is for the birds”, or maybe,  my meal was a one-time deal, but then I looked across the table and saw Andrea’s lunch.  Uh oh…Andrea, will now explain.

Service:  8  Food:  4  Ambiance:  7  Total:  19 out of 30

$40-$50 with adult beverages

Andrea’s View:  I didn’t even know that Canal Bistro existed even though I’ve been past it a thousand times.  The particular Sunday that Dave and I visited, I was craving something fatty, gamey, and salty, but with some fresh veggies too.  And I wanted to sit outside.  So Mediterranean it was.

The outdoor patio is very nice, they have a shade and a sun option.  I picked the shade option (mostly for Dave, he’s not the biggest fan of dining al fresco).  The wine and beer selection seemed fine enough too.  However, I was not a fan of the food.  I ordered the lamb kafta kabob sandwich.  I picked the lamb to satisfy my fatty, gamey craving and it did come with tomato and cucumber.  No feta however, so no salty in this sandwich.  My lamb kafta was incredibly dry and slightly chewy.  Even the tahini sauce could not help the dry lamb.  Now onto the fries.  Yes I said fries.  I’m not really sure why they are serving fries in a Mediterranean restaurant, but whatever.  The fact is they really shouldn’t have been serving fries at all, they were more dry and over cooked than my lamb.  I even had to dunk the fries in ketchup to make them more palatable, and anyone who knows me (Dave and my mother) knows that I HATE ketchup.  I hate ketchup so much that I don’t even know in what aisle of the grocery store ketchup is located because in my 38 years of life, I have never purchased ketchup.  I still hate ketchup but it was the only way I could eat these fries.  Anyway, sorry about the ketchup diatribe.

All in all, I have mixed feelings about Canal Bistro.  I love the location and the patio, but that’s about it.  Maybe its just a good place to have a drink and people watch.  And here in central Indiana, maybe that’s enough.  We don’t have too many great places to do that on a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. While lacking the ambiance of Canal Bistro’s patio and sit down service, I still think the tasty and friendly Poccadio reigns supreme in the Broad Ripple Mediterranean scene.

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