We’re Not Cool Enough To Eat Here…Thank God…


Dave’s View:  If you’re eating something at a restaurant and you’re looking at your dish, saying to yourself, “I can make this dish better at home”, you probably can, and guess what?  It’s a clue that the food isn’t that unique either.  This is exactly what happened when Andrea and I visited Delicia.  A Latin American/Caribbean restaurant on 52th and College in Indianapolis.  The food  is plated well, but when you taste the food, it’s bland and absolutely has no uniqueness whatsoever.  The plate I had was the Enchiladas de Pollo and by looking at the picture down below, I think you can agree it’s the “Mona Lisa” of Enchiladas.  Ohhhh, look at those crema stripes on the enchiladas trying to fluff up my boring enchiladas.  If there was zebra meat inside, the dish may have made sense.  The green rice was bland and had no taste and the black beans were the only item on the plate that had any flavor to it.  Bottom line is:  I could have made a better enchiladas dish.

Let’s back up to the appetizer though, I had the Beet Salad.  The beets were full of flavor and they had a slight spicy kick to them.  Add some roasted pistachios, fresh greens, and slices of radish and you have one excellent appetizer.

Now, why can’t they make their main entrees like the appetizers?  It’s like they are trying to make Latin American food, but they can’t quite get there.  I think the owners need to sit down and eat all of their dishes and ask themselves, “Does this taste good for the price?  Can I charge this price for unique food?”  It isn’t that unique!

The service here is impeccable except for the restaurant policy of not serving main entrees until being opened for one hour.   You open at 4pm, serve at 4pm!  Or at least put it on your website and make people aware of it.   Want to hear my conspiracy theory?  They want you to order a lot of booze to begin with, so that when that one hour goes by, your taste buds will be dulled and you won’t be able to discern good food from bad food.  While you’re sitting there getting your “buzz”, you can check out the nice setting of the restaurant.  White brick walls, oversized light fixtures, and soft pillows to lay back on.  An actual pleasant place to be in, I just wish the food was better.

Service:  9  Food:  5.5  Ambiance:  9  Total:  23.5 out of 30

$70-$85 with adult beverages

Andrea’s View:  Okay, here’s the deal.  I’m supposed to like, no love, Delicia.  Everyone in the dining community and blogosphere is buzzing about this restaurant.  All the “cool kids” eat there and absolutely rave about it.  It’s been touted as the best new restaurant in the city.  Only problem, I really didn’t like it.  The interior is beautiful, the service is good, the food was just okay.  It was the underlying attitude that put me off. They have been told  that they are really cool and they have to try really hard to prove that they are cool.

Part of the problem may have been the day the Dave and I visited Delicia.  It was Father’s Day and we met my parents there.  It also happened to be during Chowdown Midtown, Sobro’s version of Devour Downtown.  Delicia had a special prefix menu that you could order from or your could order from the regular menu.  I wanted to order from the regular menu, but was told that they weren’t serving those entrees for another hour.  Because of the popularity of Delicia and the fact that they don’t take reservations, and it was Father’s Day, I had told my parents to meet us at 4:00, right when they opened.  Nowhere on their website or facebook page to they mention that they only serve appetizers and drinks until 5.  Because of the Chowdown event, they were serving the prefix menu all afternoon.

I ended up ordering the beet salad and pepper and corn tacos off the prefix menu.  My dinner came with a margarita, which was fabulous.  The beet salad was pretty wonderful too, it had jalapeno and orange marinated beets, radishes, pistachios, and queso fresca.  My tacos and rice where “eh”.  Not much flavor, not much texture.  I wanted to like it, but I didn’t.

Maybe Dave and I should go back and order off the real menu, but then again, we probably won’t.  The purpose of a Chowdown event is to give people a chance to come and try you out, see what you can do.  I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ve seen it.

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  1. Yeah, we’ve just hit our 50s and we also felt like we weren’t cool enough to eat there. Wrong wardrobe, wrong hairstyle, definitely wrong body shape.
    We arrived at 5:45 on a weeknight, but because we had a minor (a college student), more than half of the restaurant was off-limits, and we were left to wait about 45 minutes (for a predicted 15-20 minutes) at a 1/2 empty restaurant. Add to that we were a group of 3, which eliminated the opportunity to sit at one of the two available booth tables that seated 5+ in the half of the restaurant we could sit in (and which a couple of parties snagged some 30 minutes after we’d arrived), and we started out not in such a good mood. Probably 10 or 15 groups were seated in the bar side while we waited.
    But we did enjoy the Chow Down menu (especially that teeny beet salad—yours looks about twice the size of ours), and REALLY enjoyed their margaritas, some of the better (and stronger) ones we’ve had in town. The guacamole and chips was great, though not nearly enough guacamole for the number of chips. And the entrees worked well for us; one dish even reminded me of some of the food I’d had growing up in South America, but prettier and more subtly flavored. They also offered a good vegetarian option on the Chow Down menu, which our college student enjoyed.
    So next time we’ll go without a minor, plan to start with a couple of margaritas and guacamole, and maybe get around to giving the food another try.

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