What The Hell Did I Just Eat?


Andrea’s View:  After a string of ho-hum restaurants on the north side of town, Dave and I decided to return to the capital of ethnic food in Indianapolis, the westside.  After much consideration, we settled on the Mexican eatery, Los Chilaquiles on Lafayette Road.  We got a little lost getting there, I assumed that is was closer to the mall, I did not realize that there were a couple of new strip malls north of I-65.  It’s been a few years since I lived here, I thought much of this area was already developed.  Anyway, after a few U-turns, (yes there was more than one) we finally found it.  Inside, this looks like your typical Mexican restaurant that we have all over town, so initially I was worried that this wasn’t going to be much of an adventure.  Once I opened the menu, I discovered that I was wrong.  The first two pages of the menu are filled with dishes that I have never heard of before, nor were there any descriptions of what they might be.  Yes, an adventure.  I finally decided on the moulletes with chilaquiles.  I wish I could tell you what this is exactly, but I still am not sure what I ate, I can only tell you that it was very spicy and delicious.  I can only describe this dish as fresh bread “boats” topped with refried beans and green salsa, and then topped again with tortilla chips that had been soaked in more salsa, and then topped with cheese and then baked.    I know that  sounds weird, and it is.  But it was really good.  And it was made to order.  There is a note on the front page of the menu stating that all dishes are made from scratch and that they will take 15 to 20 minutes to make.  This disclaimer should be put on the drink menu as well, they hand-craft the margaritas too.  Be patient, it is all worth it.  They don’t give you a basket of chips with three different salsa for nothing.

Dave’s View:  Have you ever been to a baseball park or a movie theatre and ordered nachos?  Most of the times the chips comes separated from the nacho cheese, but there are times the cheese is poured over the chips and you’re saying to yourself, “Damn it, by the time I sit down, those babies are going to be soggy!”  And sure enough when you sit down and you pull one chip out, viola, sogginess 101.

Does anybody like a soggy tortilla chip?  There has to be  a study done in Denmark that would show that less than 1% of the population enjoys soggy chips.  I know it’s out there, so please e-mail it to me, so I can prove a point.  You’re probably wondering why I’m complaining about soggy chips and here’s the reason why.  Enter Chilaquiles Suizos, the dish I had at Los Chilaquiles Restaurant on Lafayette Road in Indianapolis.  What  exactly is Chilaquiles Suizos?  In American terms, it’s breakfast nachos.  Now, I’ve never had Chilaquiles so I never had anything to compare it to, so I had to do some research online to see if this dish was supposed to be soggy.  From what I gathered, the chips are supposed to be “al dente”.  A chip not too crisp and not too soggy either.  When you bite into the chip, it’s supposed to be a moist crunch.  There wasn’t any sort of crunch at all in this dish.  It was mooshy and spicy.  If you like your chips soggy, you’ll love this dish.  The tortilla chips were overwhelmed by the green spicy sauce so all you could taste was the spiciness from the sauce.  Not a pleasant experience.  Take a look for yourself:

Chilaquiles Suizos

Chilaquiles Suizos

Way too much sauce.  Those chips never had a chance.  You can hear, “Taps” playing in the background.

The inside was decorated differently from most Mexican restaurants I’ve been into with its  pictures of Mexican stars who I didn’t recognize plastered on the wall.  Sorry if I offended anybody in the Latino community, I just don’t keep up with the Mexican celebrity scene,  past or present.  The place is clean and the service is professional.  Our server spoke perfect English and explained all of our dishes.  She was kind and courteous.  On the first page of the menu, it states the food may come out slowly due to preparing it, but ours came out fairly quickly.

From a price point, this restaurant is an excellent value.  For a party of four with three beers, two “Big as your head” margaritas, and four meals, the bill came to less than $60 without gratuity.  Excellent value you can not beat!

Food:  5  Service:  9  Ambiance:  8.5  Total:  22.5 out of 30

For two:  $20-30 with adult beverages

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