But You’ll Be Hungry In Two Hours


Dave’s View:  I have nothing.  Really, I have nothing on this restaurant.  It was so boring my face could have fallen into my meal and I wouldn’t have woken up.  It’s not like anything was too terribly bad, but nothing stood out.  Plain and simple, boring!  How boring was it?

War Su Gai was my dish.

War Su Gai

War Su Gai

It’s basically almond boneless chicken, but without any love.  The chicken is fried and then it smothered in brown gravy.  What is in the brown gravy, I have no clue, because it didn’t have any taste.  It was brown gravy.  I couldn’t taste any chicken broth or soy sauce in it.  Maybe my taste buds took a day off?  When I first start eating the dish, I thought it had potential, but by the time I got to my fifth bite,  my palate surrendered.   My brain was telling me, you’re just shoving matter, in this case, brown matter into your mouth.  What are you doing?  Stop it now!  And I did.

What was a step above decent?  The crispy noodles, wonton soup, and the tea that came with our lunch entrée.  Just order this and a beer and you’ll be set.  Again, I have nothing on this place.  Maybe my beer was making me sleepy.

The decor inside didn’t help either.  The walls are plain white.  There are some pictures hanging, but for most part, the walls are bare.  I got so bored I snapped this:

Lamp shades.  It’s like molten lava pouring out of the lights.  The music inside was like listening to Chinese elevator music even though I’ve never been in an actual Chinese elevator.

The service here is passable.  Since I was so nodding off, I had to ask the same questions twice to our server.  Probably because I don’t pay attention and Andrea states that I can’t hear. (No, that’s not the reason,  I just have selective hearing and my ears haven’t been cleaned in ten years.)

At the end, we were handed our check with the typical Americanized fortune cookies.  This is what mine said:

The saying

The saying

What others?  I have no social skills!  Ask Andrea. This cookie doesn’t know me.  It’s a fraud.   The fortune should have read: “King Chef, I dethroned you!” Now that would have been interesting!

Service:  7  Food: 5  Ambiance:  7  Total:    19 out of 30

$20-$30 with adult beverages.  Prices are low, but do they make it up in the quality of the food?  Not in my case, they didn’t.

Andrea’s View:  For almost 10 years now, I have been hearing rave reviews about King Chef on 96th Street.  They were even featured recently in Indianapolis Monthly as being one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city.  Now, Chinese food doesn’t excite me much, so I have ignored most of these rave reviews.  But, seeing the lack of Chinese food present in our blog, and recognising the publics’ affinity for it, Dave and I decided to check it out.

The inside

The inside

The dining room itself it very pretty and sophisticated.  There are white tablecloths on the tables and nice artwork on the walls.  Each table is even given a pot of hot tea, which was delicious.  The menu however, is your standard, everyday, takeout Chinese.  After being discouraged (by our server) from ordering an appetizer, I settled on the lunch size jade scallops.  This came with wonton soup that was pretty decent, but nothing special.  Our soup came out in a timely manner, as did Dave’s entrée.  Now comes my biggest pet-peeve in restaurants.  Dave’s entrée came out several (like 10-15) minutes before mine did.  I do not understand this phenomena, please serve all entrées at the same table at the same time.  It makes for an awkward feeling both for the recipient of the food and the one left with no food.  If there is some reason the entrées cannot be served at the same time, please explain the delay and give an estimate on how long the rest of the dishes are going to take.  Anyway, after several minutes, and several offers from Dave to have some of his food, my scallops arrived.  They were overcooked.  They came with rice and vegetables in a white broth, the broth and vegetables were very good.  The vegetables were crisp and fresh, and the broth was delicate.  But the scallops, they were chewy.   Oh well, what can I say.  In two hours my body had even forgotten that I had eaten scallops and veggies, and my stomach demanded a carry out pizza.

Crispy noodles, wonton soup, and tea

Crispy noodles, wonton soup, and tea

The outside, Batman style

The outside, Batman style

King Chef Chinese on Urbanspoon

King Chef Chinese Restaurant on Foodio54


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