What Do You Want To Call It? I Don’t Know. What Do You Want To Call It?


Andrea’s View:  Once again Dave and I found ourselves on a food adventure that we did not intend to have.  We were in Fountain Square on a Saturday afternoon on our way to a different restaurant.  We arrived at the originally agreed upon restaurant and found that they are only open for dinner.  I admit that this was my fault, I assumed that restaurants were open for Saturday lunch.  So, Dave and I replayed the “What do want to do now, I don’t know, what do you want to do now?” argument all over again.  Without any bloodshed this time, we settled on La Margarita.  It’s ethnic and it was open.  Hooray!

The dining room is very open and inviting, even a little sophisticated.  We were given lunch menus and a tequilla menu.  I don’t drink tequilla, so the menu was a foreign language to me.  I did not recognize any margarita drinks on the menu, only tequilla, so I put the menu away.  I ordered a classic margarita on the rocks, and figured I was in good hands since the name of the restaurant is La Margarita.   We were given a basket of chips with three different salsas, mild, hot, and really hot.  I enjoyed the variety of salsas, it was an unexpected touch.  I ordered the Saturday lunch special, which was two chorizo tacos served with rice.  My tacos were good, not outstanding, and the rice was  your typical Mexican restaurant rice.

Now back to that margarita.  I guess I was expecting something amazing with this being a tequilla bar named La Margarita.  The drink wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t anything special.  It is quite possible that I don’t know what a great margarita is supposed to taste like, I don’t order them frequently.  I suppose that I expected more of a fresh lime flavor since I seem to be obsessed with lime in my own cooking.

All in all, this food adventure ended up being pretty pedestrian.  Dave and I had a decent meal and a decent drink.  I did learn a few valuable lessons however.  Lesson One:  Never assume restaurants will be open.  Check the website first.  Lesson Two:  Don’t assume that a restaurant named after a drink is going to make an awesome version of said drink.  Lesson Three:  Dave and I will probably have the “I don’t know, what do want to do” argument again, but sometimes the  adventure takes place before we even walk into the restaurant.

Chips and Salsa

Chips and Salsa

The Not-So Classic Margarita

The Not-So Classic Margarita

Chile Relleno

Chile Relleno

Chorizo Tacos and Rice

Chorizo Tacos and Rice

The inside

The inside

The inside

The inside

The outside

The outside

Dave’s View:  Let’s pretend!  I’m going to open a Mexican restaurant and call it La Margarita.  Now, when you enter my restaurant, I know you’re probably coming to get a drink, a particular drink, hence the title of my restaurant.  So you sit down and you open the drink menu.  You’re looking and you find a large selection of beers and wines.  You keep flipping the pages, but you don’t find selections for Margaritas.  You even grab the food menu and check the back.  No Margaritas there either.  Is somebody messing with me?

No, you just entered Fountain Square’s La Margarita, where we don’t want to serve you a Margarita.  Really?  What the…?  WHERE’S THE MARGARITA MENU??? Do I need to ask for a Margarita menu when the place is called La Margarita?  I had to just ask for a classic Margarita on ice because I had no choice.  And when I got one, it didn’t taste that good!  La “no alcohol we have no Margarita menu” Margarita, is what the place should be called.  Don’t call yourself a famous drink beverage and serve a “half-ass” one.  Get a Margarita menu and put on a presentation.  You can mix them right in front of me, but you won’t because you prefer to sell beer and wine.

So Andrea and I were sipping our Margaritas and then Biff entered.  Who is Biff, you may ask?  Biff is the father of the gnat who was driving me nuts. (Yes, I name my gnats.)  How bad was it?  He invited all his children, all fifteen them, I think, it may have been more.  I was thinking about going to a local hardware store, buying ten fly strips and hanging them off my bald head, but then people might mistakenly take me for Bob Marley.  Now after that sentence, you know the gnats were bad.  We were in the back corner, and if you’ve read some of my past posts, gnats don’t necessary mean a filthy place.  In my past experiences, it signals that there is food left out or the garbage bin outside is too close to the building.  Get the gnat problem fixed and fixed quickly.   The only positive aspect of the whole thing is that Biff loved the Margarita.

One of the Children

One of the children

There he is.  Yeah, I know the picture is blurry, but he is there on top of the rim.  I mean, who likes a drunk gnat.  You get one drunk gnat and the rest of them get all rowdy.  It’s no fun.

Then our food was served.  I had the Chile Relleno and it was excellent.  Did you just read the word, “excellent”?  You sure did.  I thought I was going to get an awesome Margarita, but instead I was served an awesome dish.  A poblano pepper stuffed with cheese and lightly fried.  The coating on the pepper was lightly cooked and the pepper was tender.  The pepper and cheese combination was chewy and delicious.  The sauce had a little bit of a spice kick and blended well with the pepper and cheese.  The beans had lard mixed with it, the way true beans should be cooked.  The rice on the other hand was typical.  So two out of three is not bad.

The restaurant is clean and stream lined, as you can see in the pictures, so the gnat problem kind of surprised me.  The building is attached to another building which has the best statement I’ve seen.  You are beautiful

You are beautiful.

I think it was a sign from Biff while he was sucking down my Margarita.

Thank you Biff.  You are too.

Service:  8.5  Food: 9  Ambiance:  7  Total:  24.5 out of 30

$40-$50 with adult beverages

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La Margarita Fountain Square on Foodio54


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  1. Hey guys! Glad you were able to stop by and try us out. I’m sorry the margarita situation was not clear. There should have been a table tent on your table with the margarita specials of the day on one side and the taplist on the other. For that I apologize. And the server should have been able to relay that information to you if no list was available.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the food, however, and I hope you come back and try some of our signature margaritas.

    Here is the slate, and please note: All are made with fresh lime. Only the house margarita is not, but it can be for no additional cost, something I apologize for not having made clear during your visit.

    – Tuesday: Mojito Margarita
    – Wednesday: Fresh pureed watermelon margarita
    – Thursday: Fresh muddled strawberry margarita
    – Friday: Fresh Juice Margaritas (pear, pomegranate, and grapefruit)
    – Saturday: We offer a sipping tequila (however, we can make any of the daily margaritas for you.)
    – Sunday: Bloody Marias and Tropical Sunrises

    Also, La Margarita is not a tribute to the margarita cocktail. While we do have a substantial tequila menu, as well as a great selection of tequila drinks, Margarita was named after my Godmother, Margarita.

    Take care and keep writing!

    Jon Carlos Rangel

  2. You need to have your Margarita made by Cruz and order a top shelf one. My parents swear that he makes Margaritas that are better than Frontera Grill’s in Chicago.

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