Like Sunshine On A Plate


Dave’s View:  On a Tuesday afternoon, where can you sit outside, drink half price bottles of wine, and eat French inspired food?  Cafe St. Tropez that is.  Each Tuesday and Wednesday features half price bottles of wine and you can sit outside and watch all the people walk by on the Monon Trail.  Laugh and giggle about all women walking their dogs doing their thing right in front of you while you are eating.  I was counting, trust me.  I counted five women letting their dogs do this.  Not one guy.  Go figure, I thought this would be a “guy” thing.  I know Monon Trail was here first, but can you constraint your dogs for a two block radius.  Now, since I have you in the mood, let’s see what I had.

Well, of course, we had to have a half price bottle of wine.  Our waiter told us that they had the wine holders on order, so he put ice in a plastic pitcher and stuck the wine it.  I say forget the holders, keep sticking them in pitchers.  It’s kind of whimsical and gives the restaurant some originality.

Crepe La Notre Dame

I had the Crepe La Notre Dame.  It’s a crepe filled with chicken, mushrooms, spinach, and cream sauce.  If you don’t know what a crepe is, considerate it a pancake wrapped around, in this case, chicken.  I am not usually a fan of mushrooms, but this crepe with its sweetness, counter balanced the mushrooms which made the chicken and spinach pop with flavor.  Accompanied with this crepe was a side of greens.  The greens were at the peak of freshness.  I’m not sure if crepes are healthy, but this meal ranks up there in one of the healthiest meals I’ve had here in Indianapolis.  I didn’t feel full, but I was definitely satisfied.

For dessert we had the Tiramisu.  The dessert was delicious.  The chocolate overwhelms your mouth.

The dessert

Overall, this is a nice restaurant.  I have one concern though.  Nearby are three other restaurants.  All are American food restaurants.  While sitting there on the patio, drinking wine, I looked across the Monon Trail, past the dogs,  to see many people at the restaurant waiting to get in.  They were waiting to get a hamburger.  A simple hamburger.  I know the hamburgers are well made at this place, but I still don’t understand why people don’t try something different once in a while.  It does the body good!  So DETOUR away from the other three, one time,  and try this place.

Food:  8.5  Service:  9  Ambiance: 8   Total:  25.5 out of 30

$30-$40 with adult beverages

Sitting on the patio

The outside

Andrea’s View:  Feeling a little underwhelmed over the selection of outdoor dining on our side of town, (or any side of town actually), Dave and I decided to check out Cafe St. Tropez.  And before I receive hate mail over my comment of the lack of outdoor dining, let me explain myself.  Yes, many chain restaurants have outdoor seating, but we try to avoid those, and most of the restaurants in Indianapolis (chain and non-chain) have lovely views of parking lots and/or streets.  Sorry, I digress.  Back to St. Tropez.  Dave and I ordered a lovely, if not slightly over oaked, bottle of Chardonnay.  The waiter had explained to us that the fancy metal wine cooler containers were on backorder and proceeded to fill a plastic pitcher with ice and nestled the wine bottle inside the pitcher.  I don’t know why he felt the need to apologize, I found this quite ingenious.  I had ordered the St. Tropez omelette.

St. Tropez Omelette

It is a three egg omelette with tomatoes, spinach, onions, and feta cheese.  It came with four slices of sourdough toast.  Let me say one thing.  If you are looking for fresh, healthy food and a nice view of the Monon, you have to come here.  This omelette was so healthy that I had to salt it.  I cannot even remember the last time I had to salt my food.  Dave can’t remember the last time that I salted my food.  I am always giving him crap about salting his food.  (He is getting better about it.)  I even had to stop to figure out what “thing” on the table might be salt.  Is the salt in the paper packets? No, that’s fake sugar.  Oh yeah, salt is in the shaker.  Anyway, the salt helped the omelette, and I happily ate away.  In order to balance out the healthy, and to help finish off the last of the wine, Dave and I ordered dessert.  We had the tiramisu and although it may have been pre-packaged, it was delicious.  Just what the doctor ordered.  A little wine, a little salt, a little dessert, a great seat for people watching, and St. Tropez made me a happy girl.

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