It’s Groundhog’s Day at Thai Orchid


Dave’s View:  I propose a question to you.  If you have been to two Thai restaurants in two years, why would you order the same meal?  I came into Thai Orchid to order something different only to have the same meal.  How could this happen?  Look below.

  Pud Kra Pow

  Pad Prik Khing

The picture on the bottom is the entrée I had at Thai Orchid.  Now, both dishes are different, but with very subtle differences.  One has hot basil leaves and the other has kaffir leaves. You will not taste the difference unless your back of your tongue holds some magical taste buds. Both have crunchy green beans and the same slices of chicken sitting in the same chile based broth.  The dishes are decent, but I’m not going to rave about them either.  I look around in this restaurant and I’m thinking to myself, ” Have I’ve been here? ” There was a Buddha inside the restaurant and he was saying to me, “You may have been here.”  The restaurant is decorated almost like the restaurant Thai Taste. You’ll see what I mean.  Almost the same color on the walls, followed by the nifty folding of napkins on the tables.   (Please don’t put them on top of your head or place them on top of your fist to make a fist puppet.)    I felt like I was in the Ground Hog’s Day movie.  Which gets me to another point:  Some ethnic restaurants are becoming like chain restaurants.  They may not know each other, but they go through the same food supplier and they mimic each other.  They don’t want to separate themselves from the crowd, so they all do the same thing in order to make money because that’s what works.   Many Chinese  and Mexican restaurants  are going this way, now it’s Thai?    It’s a shame.  Being original and taking chances is what makes a  superior restaurant.  I hope one ethnic owner reads this and takes action.  He or she will be successful and the Buddha will be smiling.

Food: 6  Service: 9 Ambiance:  8    Total:  23 out of 30

$40-$50 with adult beverages

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Andrea’s View:  The evening before Dave and I visited Thai Orchid, we hosted a Kentucky Derby party.  So needless to say, (maybe) I was a little hung over.  I am sure that most people don’t think of Thai food as a hangover remedy, but they should.  When we arrived, we found our tired selves in a peaceful, quiet, and beautiful dining room.  I scanned the extensive menu and I picked an entree that I thought would settle my upset stomach.  I ordered the crispy laad narh.  This dish has deep-fried rice noodles, topped with carrots, brocoli, baby corn, bamboo shoots, bell peppers and cabbage.  I ordered mine with chicken and spiced medium.  It was the perfect hangover food.  The vegetables and chicken were cooked  in a spicy “soup”  that was then poured over the crispy noodles, resulting in some of the noodles being very crisp and some of them just tender.  Before this dish arrived, our server brought out a Thai salad.  The salad was simple, just shredded cabbage, carrots, and a spicy vinaigrette.  I remarked to Dave that this “exotic” Thai food was not dissimilar to the southern fare we had been eating the night before.  The salad was a cousin to coleslaw, and the crispy laad narh reminded me slightly of green bean casserole.  Only this was way better than green bean casserole. All cultures have comfort food, and if I lived in Thailand, this would be mine.  Everybody else can have their raw eggs, big macs, bloody marys, or any number of so-called hangover foods.  Next time, I’ll have  crispy laad narh.

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