I Ate A Bug, And I Liked It


Dave’s View:  I ate a chicken, and I hated it! 

Sorry, but if you’re a Louisiana style restaurant and you’re serving a Chicken Po’ Boy, it better be good.  The Po’ Boy I had at Mudbugs in Carmel, Indiana was just downright disgusting.  It was cold, bland, and had no flavor what so ever.  Tyson could have served  me a better chicken sandwich! 

I ate a puppy, and I loved it!

Hush puppies that is.   The puppies on the other hand were outstanding.  Nice warm balls of goodness. 

The place is small and a word of advice for any high school French teachers out there.  Don’t take your class to a cafe that has about 25 chairs and your class has 20 students.  I want to eat, damn it!  Go across the street where there is a real French restaurant!  I couldn’t drink my beer in peace since I was getting the “stink” eye from the teacher.  I just wanted to tell her, “Hey, they drink already, get with the times.”  Me, drinking a beer in the afternoon, is not a crime.

Service was the fast food way.  Order at the counter, enough said.

Food:  4  Service:  6  Ambiance:  7   Total:  17 out of 30

$20-$30 with adult beverages. 

Andrea’s View:   Okay, so it wasn’t a real bug, but a mudbug (aka crawfish).  Crawfish are apparently called mudbugs because of the dirt expelled during the cooking process.  I ate this “bug” at Mudbugs Cafe on Main Street in Carmel.  Dave and I  went for lunch and found a very noisy and crowded restaurant.  At first we were a little confused by the set-up, because you actually order your food and drinks at the counter and the staff brings you your food.  It’s like a Cajun McAlisters.  I ordered the crawfish casserole since I had never tasted crawfish before.  For those who have not had crawfish, I highly suggest that you try it.  I am going to describe it as a cross between a crab and a shrimp.  It is very sweet and tastes like the ocean.  That being said, the rest of the experience was okay at best.  Most of the noise and crowd was in fact caused by a field trip by the local french club.  I am not sure why they were eating there, and not at the french restaurant across the street.  In fact, as I was eating my lunch at a counter that looked out the front window with my back facing the entire dining room,  I was wondering why Dave and I weren’t eating at that french restaurant.  I am sorry, I am just not a fan of the pay before you eat concept.  It makes me feel rushed and that I am inconveniencing everyone around me.  It reminds me too much of fast food.  I wasn’t even sure what to do with my dishes after we were finished eating.  Not to mention, what if Dave and I wanted another adult beverage? (you order those at the counter also)  Would we be holding up a seat for someone who just wanted to eat and run?  Dave and I like to linger over our meals and talk about what we are eating.   That being said, I guess I am only complaining about ambience.  My food was really good.  The next time I am in the mood to eat some mudbugs, maybe I’ll just get carry-out.

Mudbugs Cajun Cafe on Urbanspoon

Mudbugs Cajun Cafe on Foodio54


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