The Blah Excitement of Pearl Bistro


Andrea’s View:  Yes, Dave and I have blogged about french food before, but sadly that restaurant has closed.  So Dave and I decided to check out Pearl Bistro on 86th Street.  I have been procrastinating in writing this post because I am not really sure what to say about Pearl Bistro.  The dining area is cozy, warm, and modern all at once.  The owner/server was exceptionally nice, and other patrons seemed to be enjoying themselves.  That said, there is nothing spectacular about the food.  Dave and I shared the french burritos, which were crepes stuffed with black beans and chorizo, and we found them very tasty.  For my entrée, I ordered the Quiche du jour.  It happened to be cheddar and broccoli.  It was quite bland.  The Quiche came with a side salad that was okay, but it was covered with a thick dill dressing that I would not have chosen for myself.  We finished our meal with a flourless chocolate cake truffle.  That was awesome but overall I felt disappointed.  Maybe on any other day it would have been different.  So I apologize dear readers, these posts are so much more interesting when the restaurant is either really good or really bad.  This one was just blah, much like this post. 

Dave’s View:  Just tucked away South of West 86th Street in Indianapolis is a restaurant named Pearl Bistro.  It is the perfect location for this small quaint bistro and it mimics its name.  Small in that it is a bistro, but also the name pearl.  Pearls are everywhere in the ocean and it’s difficult to find a brilliant one.  Pearl Bistro came close to being a brilliant bistro, but misfires on one aspect.

The food: 

1.  We had the French burritos for starters.  It is crepes filled with black beans, chorizo sausage, cheese, sweet potatoes and topped with Poblano sauce.  The burritos have a slight spicy taste to them and the texture and taste were excellent.  I was looking forward to the main meal.

2.  For my main entrée, I had the French Connection.  It is pulled chicken, caramelized onions on  a brioche bread served with balsamic sauce.  It also came with a side of homemade potato chips.  The entrée was made well, but it wasn’t anything special.  It needed something else, like a spice to kick it up a bit.  Sadly to say, it was like taking “Chicken of the Sea” and putting it on a bun.  The chips on the other hand were quite good, but needed to be warmed up.  The chips were a combination of normal potatoes, sweet potatoes, and I believe red potatoes, or even possibly beets.  If the potatoes were warmed up, they would have been incredibly tasty.

Now to the excitement of this bistro:

The service:  They treat you like you’re family.  Not like YOUR family.  It’s the dream of going to Thanksgiving and you’re not alone sitting by yourself  bored, listening to everybody else talk about themselves.  It is the bistro where Buddha would be welcome.  It is the hot sauna where you can let it all hang out. (Please don’t do that.)  I think you understand the service now.

The ambiance:  Relaxed and decorated with elegance.  A little more dirtier and a big tower sitting in the background, you may have thought you were in Paris.

Food:  7   Service:  9.75  Ambiance:  9   Total:  25.75 out of 30.

$50-$60 with adult beverages

Pearl Bistro on Urbanspoon


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