Cairo Cafe And Hookah Bar: WE HAVE NO FOOD!!!


Dave’s View:  Let’s see.  Great website.  Kind of looking forward to the cafe. Belly dancers, a good buffet…..

Guess what?

They have no buffet.  No bellies either.

Okay, no problem, there’s about 10 items still left on the menu. 

Guess what?

They only have three items on the menu.

One sentence:  I should have had the hookah!  If you don’t have food, don’t call yourself a cafe!  I wanted to commit restaurant suicide.

Food: 2   Service: 6  Ambiance:  3   Total:  11 out of 30.

$30-$40 with adult beverages.  Trust me, you’ll need the beverages.

Unless you like a fruity contact high or you drive a taxi, pass on this cafe.

This is what happens when you smoke hookah.

Andrea’s View:  OMG.   I take all responsiblity for this one.  I researched this “restaurant” and was really looking forward to it.  The website showed a limited menu with a weekend dinner buffet.  In past experiences, limited menus are an encouraging sign, this usually means that the chef does a few things really well.  The website also showed pictures of belly dancers and other live entertainment, so I was super excited about a fun adventure on a Saturday night.  In fact, our friends M and T decided to join us.  T had looked at the website also and had the same impression I did. 

So here is the reality.  Dave and I walk into this establishment and an artificial strawberry smoke haze greets us at the door.  We are asked for ID before we are even seated.   I pick the table farthest from the source of the smoke haze and we wait for our friends.  As we are waiting, the server took our drink orders and gave us the menus stating that they did not have the dinner buffet.  Our friends arrive, and order their drinks.  We then go to order our food.  The menu consisted of appetizers and sandwiches.  We try to order baba ganoush and cucumber salad, but we are  told that out of the twelve items on the menu, the restaurant only has 3 to serve us that night.  Are you kidding me.  A restaurant that only has one appetizer choice and two sandwich choices. Really.  We were already stuck there because we had our drinks, so we each order the appetizer and a sandwich.  The sandwich choices were beef or chicken.   Neither one was good.  I suspect that they were made the day before.  As for the entertainment, this consisted of fifteen youngish middle eastern men smoking hookah on a long couch watching a big screen television.  No music, no belly dancers, no food.  As we were leaving, M asked me what the criteria was for my choosing restaurants for the food adventures.  Apparently,  having  food is not a requirement.  This may not have been a restaurant, but it surely was an adventure.

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  1. Apparently in three years time this place became a hookah bar only. When we went there was indeed a buffet and it was pretty good. Very sorry about this experience…

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