The Definition of “Off The Wall”


Dave’s View:  Have you ever walked into a tourist’s trap?  Heidelberg Haus on Pendleton Pike on the East side of Indianapolis may look like a tourist’s trap when you first set foot inside, but once you sit down, you’ll find one of the most gaudy, eccentric, and just plain weird establishments located in Central Indiana.  Walking through the front door, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by all the souvenirs and odd ball German knickknacks.  In between all these knickknacks, you’ll find small cafe tables tucked away in corners and sometimes they’re hard to find because they blend in so well with the decor.  Just take a seat and a very friendly waitress will assist with your order.  The menu at this restaurant is really simple, but authentic German.  When I say simple, I mean simple.

The Heidelberger

  See what I mean?  Rye bread with butter, two slices of pickles, and the Heidelberger.  The Heidelberger is a simple smoked wurst.  It’s tasty, but nothing to rave about.  Again, it’s just plain and simple. 

The ambiance of this place is like taking a time warp back to the 1960’s and 70’s.  It has the following for sale:

cassette tapes from eras gone by

metal robots from the 1950’s

unbelievably large amounts of beer steins even though they don’t sell beer

evil-looking gnomes

Look at his eyes. They follow you.

 Look at him.  Yeah, he’s holding that deer, but don’t you trust him.  He’s pure evil.

Weird flying contraptions hanging from the ceiling.

The  room to nowhere.

 And really strange “wondering if it’s true” plagues on the wall.

Heidelberg Haus.  Simple food, hard on the eyeballs.

Food:  6  Service:  9   Ambiance:  9.75     Total: 24.75 out of 30

$10-$15 without adult beverages.  They do not serve adult beverages.  This is a good thing.  You would get lost inside this place if you threw down a couple of cold ones.

Heidelberg Pretzel. As big as your head! Quite good!


Andrea’s View:  I don’t quite know what to say about this place.  First off,  I really don’t enjoy German food as a whole.  That said, I am sure that this is top-notch authentic German food.  My family’s back ground is German, and as I child I remember trips to the local german butcher to get knockwurst and bratwurst.  I remember mounds of sauerkraut and potato pancakes served with applesauce.  I also remember not liking any of this cuisine.  However, as we get older our palates change, so maybe I would feel differently now about german food.   I ordered weisswurst, a sausage that I do not remember having as I child.   Weisswurst is a boiled white sausage that is spiced very mildly.  As an adult, I am sad to report that I still don’t like  german sausage.  I think it is a texture thing.  German sausage is very smooth and soft unlike italian or traditional breakfast sausages.  My lunch also came with a side of potato salad and bread with butter.  The potato salad was okay, but it had a mild sauerkraut taste to it.  As an adult, I still do not like sauerkraut.  But regardless of all this, I throughly enjoyed this food adventure.  The restaurant itself is an adventure.  It looks like a flea market with some tables scattered around.  Sit down at a table and a very nice server will take your order.   A few minutes later you are eating lunch amongst a variety of gift shop items and other shoppers milling around.  After lunch, you can stroll to the bakery side of the store and order dessert.  I had baklava.  I am not sure that baklava is german, but this was delicious.  So please, even if you, like myself, do not enjoy german food, go here anyway.  Look around at the interesting items for sale, do some Christmas shopping and at the very least, enjoy a sweet treat at the bakery.

Heidelberg Haus Cafe & GERMAN Bakery on Urbanspoon

Cafe Heidelberg on Foodio54


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