The Thrill of Asian Grill


Dave’s View:  Putting an Asian restaurant in downtown Noblesville, Indiana takes some guts, not only because it’s an Asian restaurant, but because it’s Noblesville.  Anybody who lives in Indianapolis knows the people who live in Noblesville.  Let’s just say that most people who live there are well…country, deep backwoods country.  I would use the correct word here, but I’m trying to keep this a clean blog somewhat and trying not to get any hate mail.  So here we go:

Asian Grill.  This is a fantastic place in the redneck woods we call Noblesville.  Oops, sorry.  Country woods we call Noblesville.  I was expecting some type of “Asian dive”, but it was fairly modern and up to date.  Look at the pictures, you’ll agree.  The food was just as impressive.  I had the Bulgogi entrée.  It is chunks of beef in garlic, sesame, onion, and honey grilled to perfection.  The beef had a glaze shine with these ingredients and it’s a meal that once you start eating it, you can’t stop eating it.  With the entrée came pickled vegetables and three types of rice.  The three types of rice was something of a treat and we were not expecting it since the menu didn’t state we were getting any rice, so this was a big plus.  There were three “flavors” of rice, one being plain white rice, coconut rice and what I would call a spanish type of rice.  All three were well made and excellent.  The pickled vegetables, even though very good, did not pair well with my Bulgogi.  The tastes of the vinegar vegetables with a spicy Bulgogi did not complement each other, but you may think otherwise.  The service also, wasn’t over the top, but just enough to make your meal pleasurable.

Oh, by the way.  While waiting for my meal, I looked at the clientele in the restaurant and I had that vision in my head.  You know the vision I’m thinking of. I was pleasantly surprised to see an eclectic variety of people eating at this place.  Business people, grandpa, the cop clocking you while you did 60 in a 40, families with annoying children, that dude who cut you off  while driving to work the other day,  and of course you know…. country people.

Service:  8.5  Food:  8.5  Ambiance:  8.5   Total:  25.5 out of 30

$40-$55 with adult beverages

Andrea’s View:  Picture this:  Dave and I walk up to an unassuming diner-esqe restaurant on the courthouse square in Noblesville and a well dressed, tie wearing gentleman greets us at the door.  My first thought was that we might be under-dressed and my second thought was that this is not going to be much of an “adventure”.  Our intention has always been to bring awareness to overlooked restaurants and to add variety to our own food experiences, and at first glance this seemed to be just a really fancy chinese restaurant.  Asian Grill offers such old-time favorites as kung pao chicken and orange chicken with egg rolls listed as appetizers.  But, they do have some unexpected surprises on the menu.  Dave and I ordered the vegetable samosas for our appetizer.  A samosa can be best described as a hush puppy like fritter with diced vegetables inside.  For my entrée, I had the shrimp omelet.  I have never had a dish quite like this before and I was pleasantly surprised.  This dish was a plain omelet with a shrimp sauce poured on top.  The sauce was mildly spicy with red bell peppers and corn.  The egg and spicy shrimp combination was excellent.  This was paired with three types of rice, white, fried, and yellow.  The yellow rice was seasoned with peanuts and coconut and it was delicious.  So I learned something on this  adventure. One does not always need to travel to rough-looking neighborhoods and ramshackle buildings to find great food. Sometimes ethnic food can be upscale,  and that is perfectly okay every once in a while.

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  1. C’mon Dave, give us a break! We live in Noblesville in a neighborhood filled with educated, classy people earning well over 6 figure incomes. I have yet to experience an encounter with a true “redneck” here, but perhaps that is because I never go to Walmart or McDonalds? While there are many farms up this way, that just gives us an incredible farmers market! Our schools rank right up top with Zionsville, Carmel and Fishers. You guys should try out Matteo’s (a few spots down from Asian Grill) and The Hamilton. We also have our own brewery (Barley Island) and a couple of outstanding locally owned breakfast/lunch joints (Rosie’s and Uptown Cafe). Next time we are all hanging out at Jill and Jerry’s house we can give you a rundown of the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Noblesville dining scene 🙂

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