Two Words: Weeble Wobble


Andrea’s View:  The other evening Dave and I were watching television and a KFC commercial came on.  Dave said, “KFC, we should get some sometime, we haven’t had it in a while.”  I replied, “We haven’t had Indian food in a while and I miss it.”  A few days later we went to India Sizzling on Allisonville Road.  I know I have written about the restaurant before, but I really did not do this restaurant any justice.  I cannot tell you how much I love this place.  It sits in a very nondescript strip mall, but once you go inside you are transported to India.  Lush fabrics are draped on the walls and from the ceiling and Indian music is always playing in the background.  It is truly the loveliest and most elegant ethnic restaurant we have visited.  Not to mention, the staff are always friendly, and there are always other Indian people eating there.  I have never ordered the same dish twice and this night was no exception.  Dave and I shared the Imili Baigan as an appetizer.  The only way I can describe this dish is that it is eggplant “chips” topped with spicy sauce, tomatoes, and onions.  They are basically middle eastern nachos but better.  They are so good, I bet they would sell out at Lucas Oil Stadium.  My entrée was Chicken Mugalai.  The chicken is served simmering in a spicy cashew based, creamy tomato sauce served with a side of rice.  I always order naan (Indian flat bread) to sop up the extra sauce.  Please, do not be afraid of Indian food.  The flavors are really recognizable to most American palate.  If you have never eaten Indian food before, come to this restaurant, the staff will help you discover your favorite dish.  Although, now that I think about it, I haven’t discovered my favorite dish yet.  Oh well, I guess Dave and I will just have to go back.

Chicken Mugalai

Dave’s View:  As the title suggests, you will become a Weeble Wobble when you eat at India Sizzling in Fishers, Indiana.  You can’t stop eating and you’ll eat more until your stomach bursts.  You’ll be like Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka, but instead turning into a giant blueberry, you’ll be a giant chunk of chicken slathered in hot red sauce.


Vindalo is the entrée.  Semi-hot red curry poured over chunks of chicken and it is excellent.  In the menu, it states it extremely hot, but let me tell you, it’s hot, but not blazing hot.  So don’t shy away from the spicy menu items in this restaurant, try them! 

Plain Naan

We also had plain Naan, which if you have never had is a soft bread cooked in a fire brick oven and it is tasty.  I would suggest to order Naan that has something on top of it, like garlic and butter, instead of plain Naan, you won’t be disappointed.

Imili Baigan

Before the entrée,  I had one of my top five best appetizers ever.  It’s called Imili Baigan and it’s fried eggplant with chaat masala with tomatoes, onions, and cheese and it is delicious.  You must try this even if you hate eggplant.  It won’t taste like eggplant, it will be an adventure you must travel on, so just do it.

The Haywards 5000. Not to be mistaken for the Indianapolis 500 or Kentucky Derby

Also, when you’re in an Indian restaurant, try the beer.  In the state of Indiana, you can not get Indian beer unless you go to an Indian restaurant. If you like beer, one beer, Haywards 5000, is one that you must try.   It’s beer with a taste of mint.  It’s quite odd, but well bodied and full.

If you go to India Sizzling, one thing.  Don’t be fooled by the outside.  It’s in a strip mall type of building and it looks uninteresting until you go inside.  Lavish drapes and one of kind  iron art work on the walls that I haven’t seen anywhere. 

The ceiling

So weeble and wobble and your pants won’t fall down.  Instead you’ll have to bring a tool punch to increase your pant size.

Food:  9  Service:  9  Ambiance:  9.75  Total:  27.75 out of 30 

With adult beverages:  $50-60.  Without:  $20-30

India Sizzling Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

India Sizzling on Foodio54


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