*Burn Your Insides Out At Thai Taste


Dave’s View:  *

Yeah, I bet you didn’t even see me, did you?  Hi, my name is asterisk.  I’m innocent enough.  I stand firmly next to any menu item. 

What?  Don’t be afraid of me?  I’m just a floating dot with six points.  Attach me to a menu item at Thai Taste and you better watch it!  I’m hot enough to burn your insides out.  I looked down at my stomach and I could see the back of my chair.  That’s how hot Thai Taste is. 

I ordered the Pud Kra Prow which is extremely spicy.  It’s a combination of green beans, chicken and a lot of spice.  The entrée was average.  It would have been better if they used fresh green beans and not the processed green bean.  Processed green beans are cut in one inch increments, overly green, and have way too much crunch.  It’s the same green bean that come in any TV dinner.  We also had  Thai dumplings as an appetizer.  These dumplings again were average and overly spicy.  So overall, if they would have used fresh ingredients, these menu items would have been far better.  The wait staff is very attentive and the decor of the restaurant was decent.  But be advised and on the look out for the dreaded  asterisk or later on that evening you maybe having the *****.  Yeah, you know it, you’ve been there.

Food: 6  Service: 9 Ambiance:  8    Total:  23 out of 30

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Andrea’s View:  I have had Thai food before so when we visited Thai Taste on 82nd Street, I was just hoping that the experience and the food would be decent.  The restaurant is very charming inside, complete with the usual Asian nic-nacs,  but each table was set with paper napkin origami.  I, as usual, was starving.  In fact, I even ate our appetizer dumplings before we took a picture of it.  I ordered the pud kee mow (sic) with chicken.  This is a noodle dish with obviously chicken, tomatoes, carrots, green beans and basil.  At most Thai restaurants the server will ask you how spicy you would like your dish.  The options are usually:  mild, medium, hot, or Thai hot.  When I ordered this dish, the server did not ask how hot I would like it, he simply said, “That dish is very spicy.”  I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I like spicy food.  Very spicy food.  However, spicy food does not like me in return.  I received my very spicy dish, and as I ate sweating, with tears streaming down my face, Dave asked me how was my food.  With my lips red and swollen, I simply said, “it’s absolutely delicious.”

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Thai Taste Restaurant on Foodio54


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