Kabob Korner: Go stand in the corner!


Andrea’s View:  This was an impromptu food adventure as our first pick for the day did not work out as planned.  But that’s okay, that is why it is called an adventure.  We walked into a fairly sterile although colorful space and noticed a young man sitting in the corner.  We walked up to him and he said to order at the counter.  Okay.  The menu was on a board above the counter with five items written on it.  No descriptions, just names of dishes.  Dave and I stood there staring at the board as if it would suddenly make sense when the owner came over and asked if we had ever been here before.  Relieved that we were finally going to get some help with the menu, we told him that, no we have never been here.  He said, ” The menu is rather simple, just five items.”  Yes, we figured that  part out.  So I decided to follow a credo that has served me well for a number of years, “When in doubt, order the vegetarian option.”  The vegetarian special came with lentils, spinach and eggplant with a side of rice.  The lentils were decent, but the spinach was overcooked and mushy and the eggplant was chopped up beyond all recognition.  And it was served on a paper plate.  With plastic silverware.  And the beverages were given to us in their original 20 ounce bottles.  That all could have been overlooked if the food had been spectacular.  But it was not.  The whole experience was cold and impersonal.  If you are looking for food served with love, this is not it.

Dave’s view:  We stopped in at the Kabob Korner Restaurant in front of Castleton Square Mall.  Let’s just say one thing to start off.  If you like to eat at food courts inside malls, then you’ll love this place.  To me it’s like fast food and not a restaurant at all.  Why such a negative attitude? 

1.  Four walls painted with silver chairs with no padding.  Yes, that’s right no padding. 

2.  No wait staff.  You order at the counter.  Please don’t call yourself a restaurant if you don’t have waiters.

3.  Cheap paper plates, plastic utensils and soda pop that comes in its original container.  Why not just tell me to go a vending machine?  At least when I open the pop, I would get a nice shower.

4.  Manufactured Afghanistan food.  I didn’t think in a million years you could actually have manufactured food from Afghanistan, but you can.  I had the Manto entrée.  It was like eating ravioli, but with added touch of yogurt which was drizzled on artistically.  Which by the way, was the only positive aspect of the meal. 

I could understand if this restaurant was fairly new and was just trying to get by.  I could forgive the establishment on items 1,2, and 3 mentioned above.  But not number 4.  The food.  If the food was outstanding, the rest of the items would melt away. 

Bottom line of this so-called restaurant:  It doesn’t serve its food with love.  The only thing on the menu is Greed. 

Food: 3  Service:  3  Ambiance:  2   Total  8 out of 30

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Kabob Korner on Foodio54


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