You like fish?


Dave’s view:  Adventure.  That’s what I did when we decided to have dinner at Cafe Korea in Fishers, Indiana.  

The waitress, extremely nice, took my order.  I ordered the Dai Goo Tang entrée.  She says, “You like fish?”  Well, yeah, I do.  I was  thinking, why is she asking me?  I soon find out. 

The adventure!!!  Dai Goo Tang is a fish, kind of soup.  Which doesn’t bother me.  I just wasn’t expecting the bones.  Yeah, the whole head, spines, guts, etc.  Nicely, fall off the bone feel, but to have bones floating in my  entrée caught me off guard.  I just wasn’t expecting it!  The fish was extremely spicy, but well cooked.  I ate about one-third of it and I had to stop.  I just couldn’t get over the bones.  It freaked me out! 

So when the waitress came back, “You don’t like?” , she asked.  I couldn’t tell her the truth.  She was so nice.  This was her baby, I’m not going to knock  her cooking.  I believe she was the owner.  She took pride in her cooking and it showed.  It was her dedication that saved the day. 

This restaurant is what food adventures is all about.  I didn’t like what I had.  I don’t have anything to compare it to?  I’m sure if I had another entrée, I would love it.  Why?  Because the owner at this restaurant takes pride and dedication to serve excellent food.  So try this place. 

The tally:  Food:  5   Service:  10  Ambiance:  7   Total  22 out of 30. 

Would have been much higher if I didn’t take such a risk on the entrée.

Andrea’s View: This restaurant is the perfect example of ethnic food served with love.   I ordered the Dol Sot Bi Bim Bop, which is a rice, shredded vegetable, and beef dish cooked in a stone pot with an egg fried on top.  The rice is really crispy and the egg ties everything together.  It was delicious.  But the real treat to this restaurant is the lady proprietor.  She was so kind and welcoming.  We really felt like we were in her kitchen at home and she was cooking us her favorite meals. She brought out an appetizer that she thought we would like and praised us on our very bad pronunciation of the dishes that we ordered.   She even noticed that I was struggling with my chopsticks, and brought me a fork.   Dave and I will definitely eat there again, but  next time Dave won’t order the fish. 

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Cafe Korea on Foodio54


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