Tacos with Speedy Gonzales


Andrea’s View:  This week two of our good friends (and their 4 month old) joined us on a food adventure.  We discovered that finding ethnic food restaurants that are open during Race Weekend in Indianapolis is difficult.  After driving around Fountain Square, we decided on El Arado Mexican Grills, mainly because it was open.  I typically don’t get overly excited about mexican food, I feel that most restaurants in this area “Americanize” it too much.  It never feels interesting or new.  This was no different.  The food was decent, but nothing out of the ordinary.  The decor, besides the Speedy Gonzales themed booth, was typical and the service was okay.  That being said, we were with our friends on a beautiful May day, so all in all it was enjoyable.

Dave’s View:  Speedy Gonzales, Super Donkey and a waitress that can’t understand English.

I thought, just maybe, just maybe we would get authentic Mexican food.

We ordered.   The waitress gave us a funny look and left.

Another waitress came back who understood English and I knew then and there the obvious was going to happen.  Americanized Mexican food.

I had Flautas.  It’s a flour tortilla with chicken, peppers and stuff I don’t know.  It’s flashed fried.  It came with the typical beans and rice that you see at all Mexican restaurants.  It wasn’t the greatest entrée, but it wasn’t the worse I’ve had.  The entrée came with the typical watered down lettuce with sour cream that I asked not to be on it.   It’s not a big deal.  The sour cream is not the real type.  It’s the type you can put on your table for days.  It could have been made in 1997, survived a nuclear blast, and it would still be sour cream.  I just hate it.  Sorry.

But  they do have an entrée named Super Donkey and I didn’t have it.  It’s a donkey, you have it, damn it!!!

The restaurant has painted booths obviously by a beginner painter, but they added an authentic look to the restaurant.  In one booth was Speedy Gonzales.  I thought, how stereotypical, but maybe this restaurant can laugh at itself in a good way.

So the score goes:  Food:  5    Service  7  Ambiance:  8   Total 20 out of 30

El Arado on Urbanspoon

el Arado Mexican Grill on Foodio54


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