Oh, So Pretty…


Dave’s View:  Let me finish the title, “Oh, so pretty… and bland.”  Yes, the inside is nicely decorated.  Yes, the food is very affordable.  But these two aspects will not help the food taste any better.  I ordered this:

Chicken Hibachi

Chicken Hibachi

Chicken Hibachi.  See how pretty it is?  Now grant you I didn’t know I was going to get all the accessories(spring roll, sushi, etc.)  I thought I was going to get just Chicken Hibachi.  I tasted the chicken and it was bland.  I tried the accessories, like the spring roll.  Again, nice and overly hot, but it was bland.  Even the Crab Rangoon was tasteless.  If I passed out onto my plate, Andrea would wake me up, and my face would resemble a Mondrian painting.  Only this time, instead of colors, blue, yellow and red, you would see on my face, tan, beige, a lighter tan, and then some more tan.  Shirley Partridge would tell Danny, “Don’t you eat this, Danny.  It’s like eating nothing.”

I know, this is a Sushi place, I even tried the Sushi and guess what?  It too, was bland.  What do you expect from a California Roll?  (How about an Indiana Roll, I’ll take Kentucky, what about a North Dakota Roll?)

The inside of the place is sleek and modern.  The lights are interesting to look at and there is a blue shadow that bounces off the mirrors inside the restaurant to illuminates the Lucky Bamboo that adorns the shelves on the wall.  A nifty effect!

Service here is fast, efficient and incredibly nice.  But the food?  No so much, but very pretty.

Service:  9  Ambiance:  8  Food:  4

Total:  21 out of 30

$15-$25 without adult beverages.

They do not serve adult beverages.

Andrea’s View:  When I first saw the sign for Bento Café in Fishers, I assumed it was another Chinese takeout/buffet place.  Nothing special, nothing new,  but then a client of mine told me that she had eaten there and that it was really good.  Well, I was intrigued.  Then she showed me pictures of the inside and I knew Dave and I had to go.

Bento Café is a sushi, Asian fusion mash-up sort of place.  It’s very pretty inside.  Modern lighting, fresh colors, and comfy seating make for a good first impression.  When Dave and I visited Bento Café, I had to convince Dave to go.  He looked at the menu online, saw that it was pretty sushi heavy and he just wasn’t feeling it.  I looked at the menu and saw the word “hibachi” and I said, ” Dave, they have hibachi too.”  And so Dave agreed to go.  Besides, I was starving and it’s right down the street.

We get to the restaurant and are promptly seated at a comfy booth with a very cool, modern chandelier.  Good start.  Our server comes over with a phonebook of a menu and explains the bento box portion for the lunch menu.  The Bento Box comes with entrée, your choice of rice or lo mein noodles, a spring roll, two Rangoon, and four pieces of California roll.  Sounds good to me, but I promised Dave hibachi.  I quickly scan the massive menu and find the magical word “hibachi” and point it out to Dave.  Whew.  We both ordered our lunches and miso soup was quickly brought out.  Thank God, because I was starving.

Our lunches come out, and Dave’s hibachi is in a bento box with all  the aforementioned accoutrements.  Including the California roll.  Uh-oh, mini crisis.  At least the California roll was contained in its own compartment within the bento box.  Unlike the dreadful Rangoon, (I hate Rangoon, I hate cream cheese, and I don’t know why everyone thinks that wontons and cream cheese is a delicacy) they were in the same square with the spring roll.

I had the asparagus chicken with lo mein.  It was fresh, somewhat flavorful, if not a bit bland.  It was decent, and pretty.  Very pretty.  So very, very pretty.

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